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Excerpt from the article Man and his business. Literary newspaper 1982 No. 20 (May 19)

Recently in Yerevan for  The "round table" of the Literaturnaya Gazeta and the Writers' Union of Armenia discussed the problems of modern Soviet journalism.


The meeting was opened by the secretary of the board of the joint venture of the republic A. Grigoryan. The guests of Armenia A. Alimzhanov (Alma-Ata), Y. Bedzik (Kyiv), V. Belov (Vologda), T. Dzhumageldiev (Ashgabat), L. Ivanov (Omsk), A. Kondratovich (Moscow) took part in the conversation. , K. Kuliev (Nalchik), B. Mozhaev (Moscow), R. Mustafin (Kazan), V. Petke-Vichyus (Vilnius), E. Prokhorov (Moscow), A. Khakimov (Moscow), Yu. Chernichenko (Moscow ), I. Chigrinov (Minsk), Armenian writers Z. Balayan. P. Zeytuntsvn, R. Hovhannisyan, A. Sainyan, S. Khanzadyan, Director of the Research Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry of the Armenian SSR G. Petrosyan, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of LG E. Krivitsky.


It was predetermined by the composition of the participants at the round table meeting that, first of all, it would be about journalism devoted to the development of our agriculture and environmental protection.

G. PETROSYAN. I ran away from one boring meeting to see and listen to you - people who are always in the care of other people. Let's work, comrades, we, the scientists, and you, the publicists. You can skillfully present the most pressing issues. My request: talk more about respect for the land.


Not one state can be strong without fertile soil In Armenia, twenty-five years ago, there were 0.43 hectares per person
container of arable land. Now - 0.16. Anyone seriously interested, worked on this problem? No. I am the director of the Institute of Soil Science and
agrochemistry of Armenia for 24 years. from the day of its foundation. In many places we conduct research and take soil samples


The earth is aging, its fertility is declining. We want to see support in writers. great support and great help.

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