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Rationale for the nomination of G.P. Petrosyan on the day of election to corresponding members of the All-Union Order of Lenin of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences. V.I. Lenin

    G. P. Petrosyan made a significant contribution to the development of soil-agrochemical science, especially in the field of ameliorative soil science, with more than 25 years of research work. The result of his tireless scientific and organizational activity was the development, together with the team of meliorators of the Institute, of an original method for the chemical melioration of soda-saline soils using acidic industrial wastes and the development of measures for the agricultural development of reclaimed soils.

    In essence, for the first time in world practice, on large areas in Armenia, under production conditions, it became possible to carry out radical amelioration of soda solonetzes-salt marshes. From small experimental plots, the proposed method, having received an industrial basis, has firmly entered the arsenal of reliable means to combat salinization. Thanks to a comprehensive solution to the problem, a complete technology of chemical reclamation has been developed that ensures the irretrievable restoration of fertility lost by the soil, norms for calculating ameliorants and wash water, a system of mechanisms, parameters of drainage systems, and automatic dispensers for determining the concentration of sulfuric acid have been developed. A set of measures for the agricultural development of reclaimed soils and ways to further increase their fertility are proposed. Specific soil reclamation and biological measures to prevent the possibility of secondary soil salinization have been investigated and proposed. The assortment of crops, the system of tillage and fertilizers, the mode and technique of irrigation, the issues of molding fruit and grapes were tested and proposed, the metabolism of cultivated crops and the direction of biochemical processes under the influence of excess salt content in the soil were studied, issues of yield and quality of products, including recommendations for the production of high-quality dessert wines. An economic analysis was carried out and the payback period for the spent capital investments was established.


    As a result of these comprehensive studies, a comprehensively studied, proven scientifically based method for the development of soda solonetzes-salt marshes was proposed to the production.


    The scientific works of G.P. Petrosyan (79 titles) clearly demonstrate the synthesis of theoretical studies and the originality of scientific ideas with their experimental confirmation and subsequent introduction into production.


    According to the works of G.P. Petrosyan, which are distinguished by deep theoretical, soundness, clarity and clarity of competent presentation, one can trace all stages of scientific research from studying the issues of the genesis of soda salinization to developing methods for chemical reclamation and features of agricultural development of reclaimed soils.

    The successful solution of this problem is of great economic importance not only for Armenia, but also for all regions of soda salinity. This can explain the visit to the experimental station of the institute by the predominant number of land reclamators of the country and more than 500 specialists from foreign countries. The recognition of the developed method was the holding at the institute of the International Symposium on the issues of melioration of soils with soda salinity. The importance of the problem is also evidenced by 6 publications in the newspapers "Pravda" and "Selskaya Zhizn" on the work of the Institute for the development of saline soils.


    Achievements of the Soviet land reclamation science comrade. P. Petrosyan successfully presents not only in his own republic, but also at numerous congresses, symposiums and meetings in a number of foreign countries.

The nomination of G.P. Petrosyan is also due to his great ability and ability to put forward and successfully solve major theoretical problems of agricultural science and production with the involvement of specialists from related branches of science. Everything that concerns the development of science and assistance to production for G.P. Petrosyan turns into the main and decisive.


    In the republic, his principled speeches in the press on the issue of centralization of scientific instruments and equipment, propaganda on the basis of his own factual material of the need for the development of intensive fruit growing, issues of combating soil erosion, speeches in the Union press on the organization of an agrochemical service, chemical land reclamation, soil protection, etc. .d.


    G.P. Petrosyan is the initiator of the organization of a public postgraduate study at the National Scientific and Technical Society of Agriculture of the Republic, the introduction of intensive palmette orchards into production, the design of high-performance instruments and equipment for zonal agrochemical laboratories. The scientifically substantiated materials presented by him serve as the basis for a number of resolutions and organizational measures,


    Tov. G.P. Petrosyan persistently and consistently uses all available forms of social influence for the successful introduction of scientific achievements into production. Systematically acts as the initiator and organizer of republican, union and international symposiums and meetings.


    His indefatigable energy and practical activity earned him well-deserved respect and business authority. His merits have been repeatedly marked by high government awards.


    The election of comrade G.P. Petrosyan Corresponding Member of the All-Union Order of Lenin Academy of Agricultural Sciences. IN AND. Lenin will contribute to the further strengthening of the connection between the scientific institutions of the republic and the recognition of the contribution of the soil scientists of Armenia in the development of the land reclamation science of the country.


Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Armenian SSR - M. S. MELKONYAN

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