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Chairman of the Higher Attestation Commission under the Council of Ministers

USSR prof. V.G. Kirilov-Ugryumov

    Director of the Research Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Armenian SSR G.P. Petrosyan is a well-known and established scientist who has made a great contribution to solving the problem of irrigated agriculture and soil reclamation.


    Comprehensive experimental studies carried out under his leadership and direct participation for more than 25 years are aimed at identifying the genesis of soda salt marshes, developing methods for their reclamation and measures for the agricultural development of reclaimed soils. These studies are unique to a certain extent and are widely known both in our country and abroad, the so-called. dedicated to the most puff

issues of melioration of soda-saline soils.


    G.P. Petrosyan published more than 90 scientific papers, distinguished by theoretical depth and versatility, testifying to his erudition and competence in the issues presented.

    Tov. G.P. Petrosyan successfully represented the interests and achievements of Soviet science at congresses and conferences in the USA, Canada, India, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Libya and a number of socialist countries. Being a scientific consultant of the Research Institute of Soil Science of the Republic of Cuba, he provided great assistance in the training of scientific personnel, for which he was awarded the Big Gold Medal of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba.

For the development of scientific relations, he was elected deputy chairman of the subcommittee on saline soils of the International Society of Soil Scientists, a member of the Central Committee of the International Center for Mineral Fertilizers, an Honorary Member of the NTO of Agriculture of Czechoslovakia, etc.

Under his leadership, the Institute annually successfully holds International Scientific Day Courses for Specialists from Asia, Africa and Latin America.


    Since 1960, heading the Scientific and Technical Society of Agriculture of the Republic, G.P. Petrosyan was the initiator of the organization of the country's first public graduate school - a new form of training of personnel from among the leaders of production. With his constant assistance, more than 60 public graduate students have successfully defended their PhD theses.


    Favorable conditions for the growth of scientific personnel have been created at the institute, headed by G.P. Petrosyan. During the existence of the institute, 7 doctoral and 36 master's theses were prepared and defended here. G.P. Petrosyan himself devotes a lot of time and energy to scientific consultations and work with young researchers.


    Distinguished by his great capacity for work, high scientific conscientiousness, purposefulness, creative approach to solving scientific and industrial problems, he tries to instill these qualities in young growing specialists. In fact, he was the mentor of many Ph.D.


    G.P. Petrosyan prepared and successfully reported to the Academic Council of the Institute a doctoral dissertation, which is currently in the process of being finalized.


    In connection with the foregoing, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Armenian SSR petitions the Higher Attestation Commission for permission for the director of the Armenian Research Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences Grant Petrosovich Petrosyan to be the scientific supervisor for the preparation of candidate dissertations for the degree of candidate of agricultural sciences. Specified necessary

The bridge arose also in connection with the absence in the republic at present of doctors of science (of pre-retirement age) in the specialty "Soil Reclamation".


Minister of Agriculture of the Armenian SSR



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