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Independent and Unconditional. Boris Mozhaev

Literary newspaper 1985 No. 20 (May 15). Article excerpt


    But there are examples within our Fatherland of how you can get rid of both paperwork and bragging rights with one simple decision. Here is one such example: the director of the Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry of the Armenian SSR, Grant Petrosovich Petrosyan, obtained an order according to which land reclamators are obliged to hand over certain types of work to the institute, that is, dug channels, laid drainage or pickled salt marshes, and the whole work in its entirety, in finished form: sown wheat on former salt marshes.  


    “Dear land reclamation workers,” Petrosyan tells them, “you have pickled the salt marshes—it’s good. And now, if you please, sow wheat on this site: and when it rises to its full height, then we will see the quality of your work. Wheat sprouted exactly on the whole field - we sign the acceptance certificate. If there are bald spots in the middle of the field, if you please, redo it, bring it to the standard.  


    So the Armenian land reclamators can't pass another field for four years. How much because of this noise?! The minister himself came and tried to break this system. It didn’t work out7 And imagine, they are reworking it, bringing it to this very condition.


    But Petrosyan has more than two hundred hectares of wonderful fields and orchards in the middle of the saline desert. And the yields are extremely high. And in the neighboring state farms, even a cursory examination shows huge bald patches of empty land among the wheat. Here you have the contrasts in the work of the same ministry.  


    I talked with the meliorators: they are angry with Petrosyan. And he is just a scientist and an independent director in the full sense, endowed with the rights of the owner by law.  


   The old proverb says: God alone is independent and unconditional. Why, according to another proverb, the owner is equated with God himself: there is no highway opposite the owner. There is true wisdom in these words: the independence of the owner is only worth something when it is unconditional. There is no need to be afraid that the owner, with a certain freedom of action, can go, they say, in the wrong direction. After all, we have laws: that's what we need to ensure that everyone follows them in the same way. And there will be no jumps in the obscene direction And discipline will be strengthened as much as possible from the equally obligatory observance of laws.  


   Obedience to laws produces order and harmony. And so we must reckon with the decrees that give our farms the right to dispose of their land, their business.

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